gardener's delight
visual satisfaction

and wild.

Your plants and flowers should make you smile. Like the feeling of dipping your toes into the creek on a hot summer day. When the dandelion blown into the wind flies back and lands on your cheek. These are the simple pleasures that living, growing, blooming beauties offer us even in urban environments.

Maidencreek Co. is about increasing those moments on a regular basis through arrangements, bouquets, container gardens and window boxes. We focus on seasonal varieties and using more organic, native and local sources when possible.

We started by servicing our restaurateur clients with design-forward, naturalistic florals. Our team of florists, gardeners and lifestyle content creators devote their hearts and lives to this craft and it’s a gift to share it with you daily.

Stylish creations
seasonal varieties

Our fingernails stay dirty with our offerings:

  • Artistic Installations
  • Container gardening
  • Window boxes
  • Custom arrangements
  • Events
  • Yards, Landscaping consultations
  • Ongoing care
  • Branding and Design

You can find us often during our popup activations and plant workshops