A Small Thank You to our Heroes


A mother. A sister. A roommate. A girlfriend.


Almost every member of our team knows a healthcare worker risking their life on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are lucky enough to be able to work from home, our day to day life might have changed but none of us have been asked to put our health on the line daily to continue working. We are grateful for this and we wanted to do something to say thank you to those who were.

That opportunity came to life organically when the Chair of the Jefferson Health Board of Nurses became a customer of Maidencreek Flowers over the Easter holiday. Our founder Antoinette Marie Johnson was hosting a pop-up outside of Di Bruno Bros. and explained that she would really like to show her thanks to the healthcare workers at Jefferson for all that they are doing. Together, they came up with a plan for them to help make them smile with free, fragrant, and seasonal blooms.

On the last Tuesday of April, Antoinette set up a small station with buckets of bouquets outside the Jefferson employee entrance to give to those coming and going from their shifts. A small token of gratitude went a long way as nurses returned from lunch, left the hospital for the first time in days, and reported for work.  The response was something we weren’t expecting. A simple bouquet of flowers brought pure joy to these workers. We talked with them, heard their stories and thanked them for all that they are doing.

Today is National Nurses Day but one thing this pandemic has shown us is that these people deserve more than a day to be thanked. Not just nurses, but doctors, therapists, clerical staff, technicians and so many more are putting their lives at risk to help us, our friends and neighbors. We have decided to collect donations so we can continue doing our small part to thank these heroes by donating bouquets to them.


If you wish to donate you can visit http://shop.cohere.city/donate. Every little bit helps us say thank you to our local healthcare heroes.

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