Little Latin Corner in Rittenhouse, Bar Bombon Casita Project

Puerto Rico lands right in the heart of Rittenhouse with the installation of La Casita at Bar Bombón. The Maiden team drew inspiration from Founder + CEO Nicole Marquis’ Puerto Rican heritage, including the antique yellow-painted bike that is reminiscent of one that might be propped in the streets and alleyways of Old San Juan. La Casita is decorated with fresh locally sourced flowers from the Philly-based woman-owned nurseries and includes a variety of pollinators and native plants. Nicole sourced and built the bike herself, with the intention of an antique bike left for aging with spillover flowers coming out of our handmade antique box and basket. Hidden bulb varieties including daffodils, tulips pop up over time, adding an element of surprise. We layered in ranunculus, poppies, and climbing hydrangeas for more surprises. As the months progress, climbing clematis and other layers of color and texture will be mixed in, to keep the display fresh and blooming throughout the seasons.  While the temporary outdoor dining structures that have blossomed during the pandemic may feel impermanent, the evolving blooms give a sense of intentional design and make the structures feel more rooted in place, which is right there on Bar Bombón’s magical little corner in Rittenhouse.
Bar Bombón was so proud of the display that they entered this corner into PHS’s Bloom contest during the month of the Flower Show so we expect visitors from all over the world to stop by and admire the view. We’ve already had people take their engagement and prom photos here!
It is an honor to serve the Marquis & Co team with beautification efforts at their various plant-based restaurants – HipCityVeg, Bar Bombon, and Charlie was a sinner. Our parent company Cohere has the pleasure of branding and marketing their genius hospitality concepts so as a sister brand we take great pride in adorning them with just another form of a shared value in design – PLANTS!
xoxoxo Maiden girls