A Weekend Full of Love


It’s the coldest day of the year in Philadelphia but the ornateness of industrial architecture and storybook nature of the slower than average steam rising from the gritty grates only build our appreciation for this wonderfully tenacious city. On February 14th, 2020, we spent the day driving around in a fire engine red, vintage Karmann Ghia, hand delivering long stem roses to strangers. These sweet tokens were spread in celebration of sisterly love and a mission to make Philly more beautiful one bloom at a time. 

The smiles of children, door-women, police officers, valets, food truck owners, and everyday citizens who often go unrecognized warmed our hearts, even in the dead of winter. Making our rounds in this vintage eye-catcher, our route included NBC Studio as we visited Aunyea Lachelle on Philly Live, Visit Philly, Darcy Joelle, Ambrella, and those who were nominated by their friends on Instagram as people who make the city a better place. 

We ended our Modern-Day Cupid journey at the Rittenhouse Di Bruno Bros. for a pop-up that continued to bring joy to the faces of passer-byers. This Valentine’s Day was one for the books at Maidencreek Co.. We are reminded of the importance of the simple pleasures in life; the colorful, naturalistic, and wild moments that make us light in heart and grounded in nature. We’re considering making it a tradition, what do you think?